The Techsportise API


The Techsportise API is used to create, edit and delete data related to races, race entries, timings and scans in the Race Director Mobile App.

The API is public in order to allow 3rd parties to extend the functionality, or just obtain information on races and consume it for their own purposes.


The API is written with basic REST principles and should respond with the relevant error codes.

You can also access the API using Swagger for testing purposes. Its available at


Authentication is performed through a Bearer Token. This should be present in the header of all requests.

Name: Authorization
Value: Bearer {Your Token}

Your token is generated by using the /api/Account/Token endpoint with your standard login credentials. See the example requests.

Error Codes

A 404 error will generally mean the entity with the ID you are trying to access does not exist.

A 500 will generally mean the model you have posted is invalid.

Some validations respond with Error 500s and will usually include their reasoning in the response.

API Access

Postman Collection: Download
Swagger: Access Here