About Techsportise

Techsportise is a small startup by a single individual, Matthew Warr.

Matthew is a running club secretary with experience in organising club races, and a former parkrun Event Director. He works in the Technology sector working as a Software Product Manager.

The idea for Techsportise came about by identifying that in small club races that the paper and pen method with a stopwatch, whilst has stood the test of time, could be better. It could have been made easier and faster, offering a better more professional service to your race participants.

Companies offering timing services and online Race Entry are often expensive, cutting into club profits and reduce the amount of re-investment (or philanthropy) that clubs could acheive with race takings.

Using his knowledge of race results processig with paper and pen, parkrun's barcode scanning and software development skills, he came up with this free race result timing and results processing app.

There is a long term vision for Techsportise, including adding DIY chip timing and online race entry for a low price. More details on this will come in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy the app, and if you have any ideas or feedback, please write to info@techsportise.com. We welcome all correspondence.

Techsportise - Using technology to help your running club.