Frequently Asked Questions


In a nutshell, it works like this. If you are familiar with the parkrun timing and results process you'll find it to be very familiar.

  • As a race organiser you create an account and sign in to Techsportise
  • When logged in you can create races and administer your race entries online or on the app.
  • The system assigns a bib number automatically to your entrants. You issue the bib numbers to the right people ahead of the race start.
  • Grab a mobile device and use the Techsportise App to time the race. Press start and then lap then press the record button as they cross the finish line.
  • If you have spare volunteers/devices, you might want to run a second copy of the app as a backup timer.
  • Important! Keep your finishers in order in the finish funnel!
  • On a different device, use the App to record the bib numbers of the finishers, in the order they finish
  • If you have spare volunteers/devices, you might want to run a second copy of the app as a backup finisher recorder.
  • When everyone has crossed the line and had their bib recorded you can stop the race.
  • If you made any mistakes you can correct them here
  • Use the app to upload the timings and the finisher scans. Only upload the timings and finishers from one device - don't upload from the backups unless you need to!
  • On any one of the devices, use the Process Results feature. It maps the timings to the finishers. From here you can publish the results, and they will appear online.
  • If you are processing results for a premium race, the results will also be sent by SMS and Email to your finishers.

Techsportise is for running race organisers to create and manage their running races, as well as, crucially, provide a simple and free timing and results app and service. It's not designed for runners/participants with the exception of race signup and results.

By instantly timing and recording your finishers on your smart phones you can process results immediately. This means:

  • No more manual result processing on old stopwatches
  • No more transcription of times or finishers into a computer
  • No need to work out the top finishers in each category - its provided for you immediately
  • No need to publish results to a PDF, upload it somewhere and provide a link.... It will all be ready as soon as you complete the race
  • Provides a professional and slick timing and results service without the cost

In short, it saves you time on race day and makes your results quicker, giving your competitors a reason to want to come back to this, or another race that you organise.

Our results provide instant age grading and also category podiums making it super fast for you to award age group prizes.


Premium races come with the the following great features

  • Online Entry - Provide an online entry form including credit card payment for your participants to sign up to your race. Includes the ability to offer discount to affiliated runners.
  • Race Directory - Your race will be published in our Race Directory where runners can come and find your race
  • Race Listing - As part of the Race Directory your race will also have a listing page where you can publish the full details of your race including it's locatikn and other details
  • Email Results - As soon as you publish your results, your participants will receive an email with their position, time, and link to the full results
  • SMS Results - If your participant enters a mobile number for their entry, they'll receive an SMS with their result
  • Individual Result - Each participant will have a link to an individualised results page which they can share through social media and includes their gender, category and club position
  • Finisher Certificate - Each participant can download and print their individualised finisher certificate for your race
  • Final Instructions - You can email a Final Instructions document to your prticipants and provide it on the race page for download

These extra features add a great layer of professionalism and interaction which can drive traffic to your club, race or other races and keep people coming back all for a low price.

We charge £1.50 + 3% of the entry price, for each premium race entry, only for those who enter through our Online Entry page. We support a few different currencies, and this fee is converted to local currency.

Entries through the Administration portal or App (for example, for Postal entries) are free.

Very importantly though, this includes credit card processing fees! So you receive ALL of the rest of the entry fee.

We partner with Stripe Stripe are the global leader in online payments ad they provide us with the mechanism to make sure you as a race organiser receive your entry fees instantly.

If you already have a Stripe account, you can link your Techsportise profile to it. If you don't, its really easy to create a Stripe account through your Techsportise portal login.

When you create an account with Stripe, you provide the bank details where you want your funds to end up. We send you the money instantly and it will be in your bank account when it is processed. However it is up to you and Stripe to determine how frequently the funds move from your Stripe account to your Bank account.

Here is an example (not representative of actual charges).

  • The entrant enters their card details and completes the transaction for a race entry for a value of £10
  • This charge gets split. Techsportise receive £1.33. You receive £8.50 immediately
  • The Stripe charges are incurred by Techsportise

The money will be placed in your Stripe account immediately after it has been processed. However it is up to you to move the money from Stripe into your account.

Get in touch with Stripe directly. Your relationship is with them.

Credit Card

Yes! We use Stripe.js to handle your card payments. We do not store any card details whatsoever on Techsportise servers. All card information is securely managed by Stripe.