GDPR Statement

1. What personal data do you store, and why?

Techsportise retains 2 types of personal data and act as different roles depending on this data.

Firstly we retain the name, address and contact information of Race Directors in order to know who they are and how to get in touch with them. With this data we are Data Controllers. This data is not shared externally with 3rd parties, and we will never sell your data to 3rd parties. We may, if you choose to, send you information about our own products and services and new promotions, but these never be for external marketing.

Secondly we retain the name, address, contact information, age, gender and date of birth of Race Entrants. We use this information so the race timing and results system knows who the entrant is, what age category they are in (for prize eligibility) and how to inform them of their results. In this regard, we are a Data Processor for the organising club or company. Techsportise will only ever share this data with the organising club/company which is accessed through a secure portal. Techsportise will never share this data with 3rd parties, however the results service is listed in the public domain therefore name, running club and age category information is publicly available.

2. Where in the software is the personal data stored/located?

The data is held in a secure MS SQL database, held on servers of our web hosts. We back up this data securely on a daily basis.

3. Can the personal data be searched and/or accessed?

Only Race Directors can search for/access personal data for the races which they administer.

Techsportise staff can search for and access all personal data.

4. Could a copy of the personal data be easily provided to me as a data subject?

We can provide any data we hold about you on request if you are able to provide some basic identifiable information such as name and date of birth. We can then return you a data file containing everything we hold on you.

5. Could my personal data be amended, deleted, or anonymised?

For Race Directors, your personal data can be updated through your “Manage my account” feature. It can be deleted if you choose to no longer use the service by emailing us. Races and Results will still be accessible if your account is deleted. If you choose to you can pseudonymise your own data.

For Race Entrants, in order to maintain the integrity of the results we are unable to delete any record – however if you choose not to be listed in results then you should get in touch with the Race Director who can pseudonymise your details using the web portal. This is also how the Race Director would keep your personal details up to date. It is the responsibility of the Race Director to maintain this data as the Race Director is the Data Controller.I

6. Where can I find the Privacy Policy?

The privacy policy can be found here: and you should have received a copy of this when you registered an account as a Race Director, or submitted a Race Entry.

7. How do I manage my communication preferences?

Techsportise only provides communication preferences for Race Directors. They default as “opt-in” in line with GDPR regulations. To manage these communication preferences, use the “My Account” feature of the portal.

For Race Entrants, each race entry has an “opt in” box confirming they understand the use of the personal data in line with our Privacy Policy and this statement and that the personal data, as a Data Processor, must be shared with the Race Director. We do provide an “opt-in” box for Race Directors to collect a marketing preference but it is the responsibility of the Race Director to adhere to this.