The Dashboard provides you with a snapshot of current and recent activity for your races.

Quick Actions

This panel gives you some quick actions to execute.

  • Create Demo Race will create a sample race with participants which you can use to explore the system and test out the whole timing process for yourself so you can learn how it all works.


The Statistics panel shows some high level information about all the races you have within Techsportise.

  • Races - This shows you a count of all the races you have in the platform
  • Race Entries - This shows a count of all the race entries you have across all your races in the platform
  • Entry Fees - This is a total of all the money you have made through Techsportise online race entries for all your races. It has already subtracted the entry fee paid to Techsportise
  • Turn Up Ratio - This is the percentage of finishers that finished allm your races against the total number of race entries

Upcoming Races

This is a list of your next 5 upcoming races. You can Create a race by clicking the relevant button. It shows the Date and Time, name and fill capcaity of the Race (this is a total across all Race Options)

  • Pressing this button will take you to the view/edit page of the Race allowing you to change the settings and details of the race and its Race Options.
  • Pressing this button will take you to the list of Race Entries for that race

Recent Race Entries

This is a list of the 10 most recent entries to your races. It shows the Date, Time and Name of the Race, the entrants name, the Age Category and the Race Option they have entered for.

  • This button will take you to the View/Edit race entry screen so you can see the details for it and make any necessary adjustments

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