The Dashboard is the first page you see when you login to the app. It provides you with handy information and shortcuts to commonly used functions. 

To access other functions, click the menu button in the top left and you can select which function you want to perform.


The Dashboard always shows the details for your next Race and shows you some quick actions you can take against it. We only show your next race to do this as it is the one most likely to be needed when you are using the app, typically on race day. 

It tells you the date and start time (of the earliest commencing race option) and the Race Options (plus fill capacity).

  • QuickAdd Runner will take you to the QuickAdd/Edit screen to add a participant to your race
  • View Participants will take you to the Participants list and show you all the people competing across all race options. You can then edit them form that list.

To access and manage/create other races and entries, please use the Portal, which you can access from the button on the dashboard.

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