This page explains how the Techsportise fees and charges work. Only Online Entries made by runners themselves by Credit or Debit card are subject to a Techsportise Processing Fee. Online Entry can only be made for Races (And their specific Race Options) which are designated as Premium and you must have a Stripe account setup in order to process the Credit/Debit cards.

What are the charges?

You will be charged £1;50 plus 3% of the race's entry fee (after any affiliation discounts).

So if you have a Race which costs £15 to enter, with a £2 affiliation discount, your fees would be calculated as follows

  • Unaffiliated - £1.50 + (3% of £15 = 0.45) = £1.95
    • You therefore receive £15 - £1.95 = £13.05
  • Affiliated - £1.50 + (3% of (£15 - £2) = 0.39) = £1.89
    • You therefore receive £15 - £1.89 = £13.11

What is chargeable?

Only entries made Online by the runners themselves through the Race Directory when paying by credit card are subject to the Processing Fee.

Any entries made by a Race Director through the Portal as a Race Entry or Quick Add, or made through the App are not subject to the charge.

What about entries made through Cash, Cheque, Postal order or other method of payment?

There are no Techsportise fees for entries of this type therefore you keep the full value of entries made this way.

However, we also provide no way for you to mark these entries as paid. It is assumed that if you have manually added the race entry, you have taken care of the financial side yourselves.

When do I need to pay the charges?

You don't. The fee is taken automatically before the rest of the race entry fee is deposited into your Stripe account.

Are there any other charges?

No, none whatsoever. Not even from Stripe. The money in your Stripe account can be transferred to your bank account fully with no additional charges.

How can I see a summary of the payments made for a Race?

You can use the Payment Details feature to show you this information.

When do I receive my portion of the Entry Fee?

Instantly. As soon as the Entrant as made their payment, you will receive the entry fee minus the Processing Fee into your Stripe account. (There may be additional time for the money to be transferred from Stripe to your bank account, though that is a question for Stripe.

How do I refund an Entry?

Please see this page for a guide on processing refunds.

Note: Refunds will not include the Processing fee.

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