This function is used to scan your finish tokens and athlete barcodes for recurring events. It is a quick way of recording who finished in which position by issuing a Finish Token to the finisher at the finish line, which they can then get scanned alongside their corresponding athlete barcode. This means no bibs are required. This function utilises the camera on your mobile phone.

You can have multiple users scanning finishers simultaneously, you just need to ensure each finisher/token is only recorded once.

First, you need to select which recurring event instance you are recording finishers for.

Screen Layout

The screen is divided into 3 sections. 

The Scan, which is a stream of what your camera can see. You should align barcodes into this view in order for them to be scanned. Whilst there is a red indicator line, it is not necessary to get it lined up (it is quite sensitive) and you should ensure there are no other barcodes in the view when you are scanning a barcode.

The List area contains the list of finishers you have scanned. You can perform special functions in the list, detailed later.

The Upload area is where you upload your scans when you have finished, optionally providing a Batch reference if applicable.

Scanning Barcodes

The golden rule to scanning is Place then Face. So we need to scan the position token first as indicated on screen. Don;t worry, it does validate the barcode and will alert you if you get it wrong.

As mentioned earlier, it is very sensitive. Try and keep only one barcode in view of the scanner at a time.

Unscannable Barcodes

If you can't scan an athlete barcode or a finish token, press the relevant button in the List area.

You will then be promoted to enter the athlete or position number. You can choose whether or not to include the POS or ATH prefix, it will handle it just fine either way.

Correcting Errors

If you make a mistake you can swipe (iOS) or hold (Android) a row on the list and you get a couple of options to course-correct what you have done.

You can Delete the record, or you can Reassign Finisher, which will prompt you to manually enter the athlete barcode you want to replace it with.

Upload Scans

When you have finished scanning all the finishers you need to you need to upload the scans. if you are using Batches, then enter a batch code prior to pressing Submit Scans. This will upload them to the server ready for results to be processed.

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