This document describes how dependent on the internet the Techsportise system is.


Quite simply, you can only use the portal on a connected browser with full internet access.


The app is designed to work with an offline data storage, so you can time your races without an internet connection. However you must open the App and visit the Timing screen in order for it to load the necessary information prior to timing your ace. Doing this will download the information about the race and race options so that if the connection is out you will still be able to time it.

Once the data is cached the first time it will always use the internet first to get the latest data. If it is not available it will utilise the local cache. This means that if you have edit a race but have not connected the App since you did so and tried to start it without an internet connection it would not reflect those changes. This is important, because if for example you added a Race Option you would not be able to time it.

In order for you to process reults you must have an internet connection as it requires an upload to the web in order for them to be made available to your participants. However the data will happily sit and remain on the device until you have the connection.

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