The Listing page is the "home page" of your race and should contain all the information a participant may need to know ahead of booking an entry.

Race Details

This section is the descriptive part of the race. You can edit it using the Edit Race page.

The logo is automatically added and positioned in the top left corner.

You switch between Details and Participants using the button menu.

We also provide Share buttons so that your participants can share the Race through their social media channels and help promote your Race.


The Participants screen shows you all the participants and the race option they have entered for.

You switch between Details and Participants using the button menu.

Race Options

The Race Options panel shows you a list of the race options, their entry price and the fill capacity. Pressing the button will let a user enter the selected race option online.

Key Facts

This panel shows you some essential information about the Race, specifically the contact information of the Race Director. It will also provide you the link to the Final Instructions and Race License, if it has been uploaded it to the Race.

Race Location

This panel shows you the location of Race HQ, where the participant needs to go to register/attend the race.

Race Actions


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