The Timer is the joint main function of the app, alongside Recording Finishers. This is where you start the race, and also record every single finishing time for every runner that crosses the line.

Whilst it is encourage to have a backup timer (who can also use this App), you should not try and use multiple devices as the primary timer. When you Process Results it will only ever utilise the data from a single device. So you must ensure all timings you wish to upload come from one device only.

Don't worry though, if you make a mistake you can remove timings you add accidentally, or insert missed timings. You can then use these to "edit" them too.

When you access the screen, you must choose the Race you are going to time to access the Timer.

Starting Races

Techsportise allows you to have multiple races on the same day at the same sort of time. We call these Race Options.So if you have multiple Race Options, you have 2 options you can:

Start All Race Options

If you wish to start all Race Options simultaneously, simply press the Green Start All Races button.

If you want to start Race Options individually, read on.

Start Individual Race Options

If you have more than one Race Option, you will see a list of buttons, one for each of them. These each represent a Start button for that Race Option.

Press the Start button and the App will tell you the time of day that that Race Option was started, as a reference for you later.

You can then choose to press each Start button individually, or you can start all remaining Race Options by pressing the Start All Races button. In the example below it shows 2 Race Options with an identical Start Time.

Lap/Record Finisher

Whilst your timer(s) is/are running, you need to press the Lap (Record Finisher) button each time a runner crosses the finish line. Pressing this button will record each time and show you what the time would be for each started Race Option

So in the above example, if the person who crossed the finish line in 4th position was running in the "Family Half", they would have a finish time of 2:47.87. But if they were in the "Sociable 10k", then their finish time will be 1:34.31. These get automagically mapped in the Results Process. All you need to do is press the Lap (Record) Finisher button for each finished runner.

Pressing the bib button will make an audible beep on the device (dependent on device audio settings) and also vibrate to give you a physical confirmation that your press has been successful.

Ending The Race

Ending a race will end all Race Options, so only do this if you are absolutely sure you want to end the race.

When the race is stopped, you can Correct Mistakes and then Submit Timings.

Correcting Mistakes

Its entirely possible that during the course of timing a race, you make the odd mistake. Typically you might accidentally press Lap, or press it twice by accident. You can use this section to see how you correct these issues at the end of the race - but make sure you have someone on hand to note the errors that need correcting!

Deleting an Incorrect Time

You can actually delete an incorrect time whilst the timer is running. But either way you perform the same operation.

Android: Press and hold the time you want to delete, and press the Delete button in the actions bar

iOS: Swipe the time you want to delete and press the Delete button

This is permanent and destructive.but if you accidentally delete a time, you can always Insert it again.

Inserting a Missed time

You can only insert a missed time once the Timer has stopped. When it has though, simply enter a time in the boxes and press the button.

Note: The time you enter must be the time relative to the start time of the earliest starting Race Option

It will insert a time at the relevant place in the list and resort/resequence the finish positions accordingly. As the inserted time is relative to the start of the earliest Race  Option, it will calculate what the relevant times are for the other Race Options.

Editing a Time

It is not possible to directly edit a Time, but you can Delete the one you want to edit and Insert a new one, which will give you the same end result.

Submit Timings

When you are happy with your Timings, you are able to submit them.

Unless you are Batching your Results, you can leave the Batch box blank. But the important thing is that if you choose to enter a Batch on the Timer, you MUST enter the same Batch into the device being used to Record Finishers.

If you aren't specifically using Batches, just ignore it.

When you are ready, press the Submit Timings For Processing button.

This does not publish your results. To process and publish results, click here.

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