This page is called from the Online Entry page to submit a payment for the entry. The entry is not complete/entered without the payment being complete.


The page is fully secured over HTTPS and is highlighted in the Lock icon in the browser toolbar. Clicking it will display the Techsportise security certificate showing the encryption level.

No card details are stored by Techsportise. They are securely exchanged directly with Stripe using their stripe.js system. Techsportise has no visibility over your card details whatsoever and is effectively talking directly to Stripe.

Card Details

Enter the card details for the card you wish to pay with

Cardholder Details

These details are copied across from the Online Entry page, however you must change them if the cardholder is different to the person entering the race.


If the payment was successful, the confirmation screen should appear. It will reconfirm all of the details back to the user, and show some extra generated fields which could be useful. Critical information on this page is also emailed to the user, and the Race Director also receives an email notifying them of the entry.

The Order Number is the most important field, as Race Directors can use this to cross reference against your Online Entry in the Payment Details screen.

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