Every Race has Race Entries - these are the participants that will be running in your Race. This screen shows you the list of participants for your Race - specifically, for an individual Race Option

You can access this screen from many places in the Portal. The Dashboard and Race Details screens are the most common.

Entry List

You can search the entry list, change the number of records you want to view and also scroll through different pages.

You can also Copy, Save to Excel or PDF or Print your race list.

The following optiios may be hidden by default. Click the button to access them.

  • Clicking the Edit button  will take you to the view/edit screen of the specific Entry
  • Clicking the Delete button will delete the entry for this runner This will not refund the race entry if they entered Online. Proceed with caution.
  • If you want to quickly add a participant with the bare minimum amount of information the system needs to work, you can Quick Add Race Entry. This is perfect for on the day entries.

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