This user guide is a practical guide to how you use the Techsportise platform to manage a running race and timing it using multiple devices. It provides links to detailed references on various functions, and this is more of a "How to" and summary of your typical race management process.

To get started and see/try out a working example of this, new users will automatically have a Demo Race created for them. But you can create one of these Demo races any time using the Dashboard, so you can see some working examples of how it should behave.

We recommend you thoroughly testing the system and perhaps even holding a test race to ensure you are comfortable using the technology.

Pre Event

Getting Started - Create Your Race!

First things first you need to prepare your Race that you intend to time. Its best to set this up sooner rather than later. Within your race, you may have multiple Race Options. For example, if you want to run a 10k and a 5k and time them with the same devices, you can do that. 

You can only create Races in the Portal, not the App.

When you create your race you need to ask yourself if you want to accept Online Entries. Of course, you can accept postal entries, entries on the day and you can even utilize a separate eCommerce or race entry system or to these and copy the entries into Techsportise, but checkout the Premium features which we can provide you for a race, which includes Online Entry for a very low fee with no hidden charges - not even from the card provider!

Managing Race Entries

There are 3 ways typically that you will accept Race Entries as a race director.

  1. Paper Entries - This is pretty old school nowadays, but it is a paper form that you probably have always used. You will accept payments separately. Normally sent in advance by post or filled in "On The Day". You have to manually enter the information in these forms into the system. You can add these entries to the system one of 2 ways.
    • Through the Race Entries screen
    • Through the App, assuming it is your next scheduled race
  1. Online Entry (Through Techsportise Premium Race) - This is your low cost easy way to accept entries online. Your race appears in our Race Directory which provides a detailed Listing of your Race so that potential entrants know exactly what they are signing up for. Our Online Entry is fully secured and powered by Stripe, so you will be offering your entrants that same level of security.
    1. Through the Listing's Online Entry - You can copy and paste the direct link to share the listing page by email or social media

You are able to make changes to the Race Entry using the Race Entries in the Portal. There are a few reasons why you might want to do this

  • Manually assign your bib numbers - by default we'll assign a bib for you, starting at 1. If you wanted to change this you would do it manually
  • Change the details of an entrant
  • Switch the Race Option they want to participate in (No payment exchanges for Online Entries can be made though, you must handle the payments separately)
  • Delete an Entry

You can also export or print your Entry List if that's helpful. A printed copy is helpful on Race Day to allow you to check off runners picking up their bibs.

Volunteer Requirements

As with any Race, having volunteers is essential. The bare minimum you will need to operate our system is 1, but this will depend on your ace size and how many finishers could cross the line simulataneously. If numbers are lower, with a lower chance of simultaneous finishers, you can use Single Device Mode. If you expect more finishers and would like a higher degree of control and accuracy, you can use Multi Device Mode. This guide focusses on Multi Device Mode. For details on using Single Device Mode, click here.

  • Race Timer - This person needs a smartphone running the App and is responsible for Timing the Race.
  • Finish Recorder - This person needs a smartphone running the App and is responsible for Recording Finishers, in their finish order 

In addition to these we recommend you have the following extra volunteers as a way to ensure quick processing of results and to eliminate errors.

  • Backup Timer - This person would also use the App on a smartphone and can be used as a backup
  • Finish Support - This person needs a notepad and would manually write down every bib number in order. This person can also note any errors made by the primary timer and finish recorder to be actioned after the race
  • Funnel Manager - It will be critical that your finishers stay in order. This person should be responsible for doing so. Depending on how many runners you have and the size of your funnel, you may need more than one

Race Day


Aside from the Devices needed with the app installed (and a notepad/clipboard) we would also recommend you implement a physical finish funnel, made up by cones/stakes and tape so that when finishers come through the finish line they stay in order. It needs to be long enough to hold the maximum volume of runners that might be held at any time whilst the finishers are being processed and will vary based upon the size of field and length of race.

You should also check that your devices are fully charged and have enough battery to be in use for the duration of your race.


Come race day you will usually be expected to at least perform the following tasks

  • Issue Bibs - We would recommend printing your Race Entries list so you can check off a participant when they arrive and collect their bib number
  • Alter Entries - People may wish to amend their entries or predicted finish times. You can do this on a laptop through the Portal (you will need a 4G or wifi hotspot) but it may be easier in App. You can have many people using the App assisting with this. We recommend recording any alterations on your printed sheet too, as a form of backup.
  • On The Day Entries - You can either insit they fill in paper forms for someone to fill in using Quick Add, Race Entries or in the App, or you can key them directly into any one of those methods

Start of Race

As the start approaches you will go through your usual rigmarole. Gather your runners, issue a pre race brief. Make sure your Timer is ready, and then tell them when to start!

The Timer then needs to Start Timing, which may be multi-staged depending how many Race Options you have, and make their way to the finish line - before the first finisher gets there! The App is smart enough to keep running in the background even if the device is in standby mode.

For all the details and functionality on Timing, please check this page.

Runners Crossing Finish Line

Runners will then complete the course.

When the first person starts approaching the finish, make sure the Finish Recorder starts recording.

As the runner crosses the line, the Timer presses Lap (Record Finisher) to record the finish time and the runner enters the finish funnel.

The Finish Recorder, positioned at the end of the funnel looks at the bib number and enters it into the Record Finishers device.

The Timer keeps pressing the Lap (Record Finisher) button for every runner that crosses the finish line and enters the funnel. The funnel manager makes sure they stay in finish order so when they reach the Finish Recorder, they get recorded in the right order.

This is repeated for all runners in the race. It does not matter which Race Option the runner is in, it will know this based upon their bib number.

For full details on the functionality offered to Record Finishers, check this page.

Ending the Race

When you are certain that all finishers have crossed the time (hopefully you have a tail runner/sweeper) you can end the race on the devices. For details on those processes, see below.

Timer: End Race

Finish Recorder: End Race

You can make any corrections of any errors that may have been noted by the Backup Finish Recorder and make the necessary adjustments.

Remember you need an internet connection and to Submit the data from each device or you won't be able to Process Results.

Process Results

You only need to Process the Results on one single app and you must have Submitted the data from the Timer and the Finish Recorder.

When processing results you have the opportunity to review the merged data and make any other adjustments you deem necessary.

For full details on how to process results, see this page.

If this is a Premium Race, then when you switch the publish status of your results to Provisional or Published, your participants will receive an email and SMS containing their result, assuming they provided you with the necessary contact details to do so. They will also appear on the Results page in the Portal and are available to the public.

Results and Awards

With the results published on the website you can then do any awards and presentations for your overall winners and age groups. You can review the Age Group Results to help you clearly identify who you should give the awards to.

Post Race


After the race you will inevitably be sent queries over the Results. Typically this will be the update of their entrant details like their date of birth or club name, which you can correct in the Race Entries list.

If you need to update any times or finisher bibs, the only way to this is is in the App. Use Process Results to make the results Draft, and make the necessary corrections, and republish them. 

Emails and SMS will not be resent.

Payment Details

After all is said and done, you will inevitably asked by a financial person for an overview of the money raised by the event. We provide a Payment Details Report which will show the the full detail of all the financial activities raised through our Online Entries.

It will also show a separate table for all the manual entries which were not paid for online - IE through the Portal or the App for which you should have taken another payment method, like cash or a cheque..

For more details on this report, check this page.

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