A Race Option is a specific distance/event within a race. For example, in an event which may run a Half, a 10k and a 5k, Race Options allow you to time and record results for all of these at he same time, and you can even stagger their start times if you wish to.

You access Race Options through the View/Edit screen of a Race.

  • Option Name is the name of the Race Option. This could be as simple as "5k" but you may have a fancier name for it. You can call it whatever you like.
  • Distance is used for us to calculate Age Gradings in the Results. If your distance is not included, don;t worry, just choose "Other".
  • Maximum Entries is the maximum number of participants a race option can have.
  • Time is the start time of this Race Option. This can be different for your 5k, 10k etc if you want to stagger starts or they can all be the same time
  • Colour is used in the App to highlight the Start button for the Timer in the App for this Race Option. You could also use it to colour code your race bibs for easy identification during Timing
  • Premium Option should be checked if this is a Premium race option to give you additional settings
  • Entry Price is the full price of entry for this Race Option that participants will pay in the Online Entry page. This is in the Race Currency.
  • Affiliation Discount is the value of discount which gets applied to the entry price if they enter a club name. In the example above, if an Online Entry has a Club name entered, the entry price will reduce to 7 (9 minus 2). This is also in the Race Currency.
  • Course Measurement Certificate allows you to upload a PDF file of your Course Accuracy Certificate from the relevant race measurer, if you have one, and will be available for your participants to see in the Race Directory Listing page. If you already have a file uploaded you will be able to view it here. Uploading another file will replace the existing file you have there.
  • Course Map URL is a link to a course map which you might want to share with your participants in the Listing page. Alternatively you could embed this in the Race Description.

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