In the (hopefully unlikely) event that you need to refund someone's race entry, you need to follow this process. Deleting the Race Entry does not automatically refund the money, and once you delete the Entry the payment record is gone, so you cannot easily tie it back to a payment. So familiarise yourself with this process.

Identify Payment

Using the Payment Details report, search for the name of the person you want to refund. From there you will see a Stripe Ref. Make a note of this or copy it into your clipboard.

The entrant might quite you their order number, or forward you their emailed receipt. You can use this to identify them too.

Process Refund

Login to Stripe and click the Payments button on the left menu. This shows you the list of all payments and you can see the Stripe Reference. You can use their search and filter options to identify the payment, and you are looking for the matching Stripe FRef from the Payment Details report.

Click the Actions menu for the payment you want to refund and click Refund Payment, following the process through Stripe.

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